Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Activity 20: Tricking class Activity 21: Rosemary Lime Soda

A guy asked me to try out a martial arts tricking class with him. I haven't done martial arts for awhile now, so I decided to give it a try. It's kind of funny because lately I've been thinking about how everyone seems to have different sides to them. And I've mostly been thinking about this because you only really present one side on a dating website. I feel like everyone is a little bit all over the board. I consider myself cultured because I love classical music and perform it, but I also tend to cuss a lot and talk about crude subjects. I'm a nerd, but compared to most of my nerd friends I'm an artist, and compared to a lot of my artist friends, I'm a bit of a jock. I'm a tomboy, but people think I'm small, young and cute. I feel like where most people see a character or characteristic they really like, they appreciate it for what it is. I think I react by being like "I want to be that. I can do it." I can't even figure myself out.

At any rate, when I picked up martial arts in college, I finally started to feel like a badass. And when I started to trail off in my training, I started to think, maybe it's time to let that side of me go. I'm trying to trim down all the random urges I get to be somebody I'm not and to think of one personality that is my ideal self. And even now I can't think of it, or envision it.

That kind of changed when I went to the tricks class. The guy I went with used to do tae kwon do, and although we were brand new and the instructor taught us as such, it was clear from the beginning that we had martial arts experience. Which was also awkward, because the moves are similar, but they're not the same. So some instincts will help you, and some will get in the way.

At any rate, I started to feel like I wanted to everything again. The adrenaline rush really gets to you, and the feelings of soreness actually equate to feeling more accomplished. This is the first new activity I'm considering doing regularly, if just to have something physical I do on a regular basis.

Today I decided to take it easier on the new things, so I cracked open one of the new sodas I got 3 activities ago. I've actually been to unique soda stores before, and I tend towards the really strange flavors: floral and vegetable flavors, as well as exotic fruits. I've had lavender, elderflower and chai tea coke sodas. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't tried an herbal soda.

It was actually quite innocuous. Much like a scented carbonated water rather than a full-out soda. Very light and more fragrant than flavored. Overall, very nice. I'm excited to try the rest of them (particularly the bacon soda), but I'm promised to try it with co-workers.

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