Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1001 Awesomely Awkward Things: the beginning

A friend recently pointed me to the blog 1000 Awesome Things. The concept caught my attention, but when I started trying to evaluate my life through the somewhat sugary viewpoint of "let's appreciate all the great things in life!", I noticed how so many of said things are intertwined with other non-related adjectives. For me in particular, awkwardness was a prevalent theme.

I should mention that I'm a pretty weird person, a trait that I actually pride myself on. I say random things. I have giggle fits over jokes that no one else understands and then I laugh too hard to repeat the joke correctly. If you've watched the BBC show Coupling, I love Jeff Murdoch. So sometimes I wonder if it's some characteristic I possess that lures in awkward situations or if I have an average number of awkward encounters, I just am more amused by them as a coping mechanism. If I were to agonize over the embarrassment of them, I don't think I would sleep at night.

This blog is meant to be a look at life in general through a series of awkward, embarrassing, and hopefully humorous situations that I find myself in (and I'm sure I'm not alone in). Some of them are due to my character, some of them are interactions with other people whose personalities I don't quite know how to mesh with, and some of them are just random events that I didn't know what to make of. All of them awkward, but hopefully in an awesome way.

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